Debit Card Questions

Q: Where can I use my card?
A: You may use your card at ATMs and merchants wherever MasterMoney debit cards are accepted.  Worldwide access is available if let us know that you are traveling outside of the country.  Call our Wyoming office at 1-888-697-2847.

Q: Can I have the money deducted from my savings when I use my card?
A: The money will come out of your transaction or checking account, unless you select savings while using an ATM.

Q: What withdrawal fees do you charge?
A: We charge a fee of 50 cents per ATM withdrawal.  We suggest using machines where the owner does not charge a fee, such as Sheetz, Wawa, or some local credit unions.  Look for signs that say “surcharge-free.”

Q: Should I select “credit” or “debit”?
A: Select “credit” whenever you have the chance because it helps us keep our costs low!  The money will still be deducted from your checking account.  The new regulations regarding merchants assessing fees for credit card transactions do not apply to debit cards.  (The exception is gas stations, which may charge a lower price for cash transactions.  Watch for signs.)

Q: How do I get a debit card?
A: If you already have a share draft account, just stop in or give us a call and let us know you want one.  You will be eligible if you have been a member longer than 90 days and you have not been assessed any share draft account charges for NSF (non-sufficient funds) check returns.  If you do not have a share draft account, you will need to open a separate transaction account in order to receive a debit card.  Contact us for further information.

Q: How do I report a lost or stolen card?
A: Call our Wyoming office at 1-800-869-5191 as soon as possible.

Q:  When are funds available for debit card use?A:  We report balances after closing on each business day (Monday through Friday).  Therefore, if you transfer money during the day, those funds will not be available for debit card use until the evening, though the funds are available for paying drafts or immediate cash withdrawal in our offices.  Circumstances beyond our control may also affect debit card availability, such as delays in the MasterCard system.